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A District 9800 Recognition Award Project for Vocational Service

In partnership with Young Change Agents (a NFP social enterprise), Rotary Brighton late last year hosted an opportunity for 58 young women aged 12–18 years to participate in The Bayside Academy of Enterprising Girls, an immersive workshop experience to learn social entrepreneurship skills.

To select participants, Rotary Brighton invited female students from Brighton Secondary College, St Leonard’s College, Star of the Sea College and Firbank Grammar to provide an Expression of Interest on why they wanted to make a positive change in the world through business. The selection process allowed Rotary Brighton to identify a new generation of future leaders (and potential Interactors) who want to make a difference in their community.

Be Your Own Boss Program

Brighton Rotary's Inaugural Bayside “Be Your Own Boss” Launches in July.

The Rotary Club of Brighton in partnership with Young Change Agents will launch the Bayside “Be Your Own Boss” program in celebration of 100 years of Rotary in Australia and NZ. This initiative aims to build the next generation of social entrepreneurs and change agents in Bayside. This exciting opportunity will empower our local young people to solve social challenges with business solutions, create a positive difference and lead to better youth employability outcomes.
The word Mentor came from the Greeks and the French, but no matter how it got here: mentoring and the Rotary Club of Brighton (RCB) seem to be the perfect match!

***Rotary District 9800 Vocational Service Award Recognition 2018/19***

Mentoring is one of those activities that doesn't cost money, doesn't require lots of time, nor large groups of people, but it is good for everybody involved. And.... RCB mentoring services are very much in demand.
In 2019 we will be providing mentors to RMIT, Victoria Police and International Baccalaureate students.
Over 14,000 students have benefited from donated school supplies, free supplementary tuition for children from linguistically diverse backgrounds, crisis accommodation, and teen support services.
Les Twentyman is a highly respected youth worker and long-time friend of Brighton Rotary, in particular through his support for Brighton Rotary’s annual ‘Sportsman Night’ fundraiser. He has many awards to his name including the ‘Order of Australia’ medal and Victorian of the Year. Raised in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Les learned the hard way the fear and insecurity one lives in when trying to survive on the street.

Our first fund raiser for the year has kicked off generating nearly $4,000 of Face Mask sales to date!.
Every Mask You Buy Makes a Difference!
  • Provide employment to the unemployed Ugandans making of the masks
  • They look good & are extremely good quality,
  • Three layer with a filter pocket means they meet DHHS requirements!
  • 100% cotton, and biodegradable, so they're good for the environment too
  • Save Money! - They're Washable and ReUsable - no more throw away paper masks!
All Profits help both Yimba Uganda Youth Engagement & Rotary Brighton’s Local Youth & Community projects.
So get behind it, and support this initiative by purchasing a mask today!
Please let your family, friends, colleagues, clients, sporting clubs, everyone know of this wonderful initiative!
Together we can Make A Difference!:  https://store.yimbauganda.org/
The Face Mask Team
Colleen, Jo, Sally & Barry


Academia is not always the right path for every student and alternative career pathways are not always forthcoming, so Rotary, the local Secondary College and the Sandringham Yacht club made their own.  After consultation with Parents, educators and students, an 18 week program was designed to provide usable skills, hands-on training and employment opportunities for students from years 10 to 12.
A real team effort for vocational options are being provided with a new intiative from the Rotary Club of Brighton, Brighton Secondary College and Sandringham Yacht Club, providing new career pathways for local students.
The Rotary Club of Brighton Charitable Foundation has sponsored a training kitchen to be installed at Bayley House, Brighton.
Through fundraising and the generosity of a number of individual members, our club has donated a total of $50,000 to make this possible.

The kitchen will assist in making life better for the physically and intellectually disabled people who attend, or are residents, at Bayley House. The kitchen allows residents to learn skills in daily activities with the goal of independent living.
Pictured at the 29 August meeting at the $25,000 cheque presentation were;
President Keith Cameron,Sylvie Berchick Co-Chair of the Brighton Lunch and Director of Fundraising RCB & Jacqui Molensen General Manager of Communications and Fundraising, Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation cares for children who have experienced or witnessed serious violence, and runs evidence-based programs that prevent violence and advocate for children's safety and wellbeing.
Their programs support children who have witnessed or experienced violence.
They also provide prevention programs promote behaviour-change in schools and libraries across the country to teach respectful values and behaviours in young people on and offline.
Our advocacy work speaks out for children and advocates for their right to be free from violence and bullying.
The Bayside City Council's 2019 Australia Day Awards ceremony was held in the evening of 26 January at the Sandringham Yacht Club. 
Keiran Comie a member of the Rotary Club of Brighton was a nominee in the category 'Citizen of the Year'.
Keiran's nomination recognises his work on the Church Street graffiti removal project, his role in helping to reinvigorate the Church Street Traders Association and his contribution to the local community through his involvement with Rotary over a  span of 20+ years.
RYLA - Online Program: 8 February - 21 March 2021
APPLY NOW - Applications Close 18th of Jan 2021
The Rotary Club of Brighton are currently seeking sponsorship candidates for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and we are interested in sponsoring you. 
RYLA  is a leadership program for young people aged 18 to 25, which focuses on personal growth, leadership development and community.
The RYLA Program aims to:
  • Help you gain a better understanding of your own strengths, passions and values​;
  • Develop your leadership skills through experiential workshops, involving teamwork, communication, motivation and introspection;
  • Foster an appreciation of the diverse abilities and unique qualities of other around you;
  • Provide an opportunity for  you and other young people to come together in a supportive environment;
  • Develop a set of resources and tools to facilitate the your ongoing development in the community;
  • Create a greater awareness of social issues affecting young people;
  • Demonstrate Rotary's commitment to young people.
RYLA usually runs as a week-long residential program in December, however, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented this from running in 2020. Instead, the program team has developed a brand new online program to run over 6 weeks from the 8th of February to the 21st March 2021.  The new program will consist of  four modules based around the themes of Challenge by Choice, Diversity, Community and Time Out.  
Candidates who participate in the online program will also be welcome to apply for the residential program taking place in early December 2021.
Online Program Dates:
8 February - 21 March 2021
The cost of this program is subsidised by Rotary sponsorship. The cost for you as the candidate will be $50 with the remaining $100 being paid by the sponsoring Rotary Club.  If you are experiencing financial hardship whereby $50 will be a barrier, please discuss this with Jo Kwok, Rotary Club of Brighton Director of Youth or the RYLA committee, as the club may pay this on your behalf.
Potential candidates are encouraged to discuss sponsorship with:
Jo Kwok
Causes – Director, Youth and Vocational Services
Rotary Club of Brighton
Mobile: 0415 188 985
Email: JoKwok.rotary@gmail.com
And then to apply at: http://www.ryla9800.org.au/


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Rotary’s second virtual convention highlights accomplishment in polio, progress toward ending COVID-19

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