Matt Nichols

Cape Tribulation to Cape York Bike Ride - 1000k’s over 10 days. Commencing on the 1st August 2021, the RCB’s intrepid and unstoppable Matt Nichols will be raising money to support children affected by domestic violence…. Go to   and provide your support for this amazing cause.

The 2021 Cape to Cape Bike Ride

On the 1st August 2021, Matt Nichols an intrepid member of the Rotary Club of Member is looking to ride from Cape Tribulation to Cape York (the Northernmost Point of Australia). This supported ride is over 1,000 km and will take 10 days riding on a mountain bike, because the roads are dirt and predominantly sand with numerous river crossings. Rides will average 75k, along with >650m vertical, per day, over gravel, sand, 4WD tracks and bitumen roads. The tracks include the Bloomfield Track, Battle Camp Road (also known as the Dirt Highway), and the famous Telegraph Track where it is so rough the bikes will travel faster than the cars. Matt will be also meeting Aboriginal Elders, visiting the classic hotels and road houses, and understanding the extraordinary history of the area.

About Matt Nichols

Matt Nichols
Matt has been a member of Rotary Club of Brighton (RCB) for many years. He is Managing Director of Nichols Crowder and Nixon Industrial, two prominent commercial and industrial firms that are considered leaders of the south east. Apart from cycling Matt, is a regular “down winder” on a surf ski, and is an active member at Royal Melbourne Golf Club with his name on three honour boards, plus he’s learning the piano. Matt says his drive comes from his father many year ago, suggesting he needed to “participate” and make sure you do it with  “passion and enthusiasm”
Matt’s an experienced and fit adventurer – with many other experiences under his belt. whether it was on a road or mountain bike, surf ski or fishing kayak. The toughest was crossing the Simpson Desert by bike in 50 degree temperatures. He has done the Murray Marathon kayaking event 3 times, coming 2nd in the most recent event. He has cycled most of the Italian Alps, climbing 22 kilometres vertically in 10 days. He also cycled around Tasmania in 6 days unsupported, and paddled on the Penrith River non stop for 100 Kilometres that took 18 hours.

Rotary Club of Brighton

Since its formation on 24th September, 1973, the Rotary Club of Brighton (RCB) has lived up to the ideals of Rotary in its community service, fund raising and social programs. RCB is part of Rotary International, a global network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities at home and abroad. Rotary International celebrates 100 years of making a difference in Australia this year. 

What are we fundraising for?

A dedicated Rotarian, Matt was concerned that the fundraising opportunities for the Rotary Club of Brighton had been greatly limited with the pandemic, so as he was doing this extreme ride so there was an opportunity to assist RCB support the Bayside Community Emergency Relief (BCER) to support children fleeing domestic violence with provision of Comfort Packs. Designed to provide mental health as well as practical support to the children, these packs include many essential items like toiletries, activities and items of comfort.
So to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia, Matt’s saddling up to do 1000ks over 10 days – we hope can count on your support for a great cause!