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Bayside Happenings - Rotary Club of Brighton
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Welcome to our inaugural Around Bayside newsletter. 

We will be sharing stories about Bayside, stories about the sorts of things that Bayside residents are up to, and stories about initiatives operating in Bayside that achieve real results for our community.

We'd love to hear positive things about the things that make Bayside such a great place to be part of. If you have a story to tell we'd love to hear from you on

Mummy's Magic Medicine

Diagnosed with incurable Leukemia, Deborah Sims has had to travel from Brighton to London every month, just so that she could access treatment that ironically was invented here in Melbourne.

Now in full remission, Deborah is helping other people receive similar treatment rather than undergo a high-risk allogeneic transplant.

Hands on PAWS delivers

Couldn't get a job without a licence, couldn't get a licence without a car, couldn't get a car without a job.

How a Bayside resident's initiative helped a young Sudanese immigrant break a vicious cycle that threatened to trap him.

PAWS is an initiative of Colin Stimpson, a resident of Bayside and a member of the Rotary Club of Brighton

Punching above their weight

After a long period of unemployment, David became despondent, lost confidence and as a result, unemployable.

Simply by working in a local Op Shop, specicfically set up to help long term unemployed, David is now back in full time employment.  Here's the result in David's own words.


Where were you in 1975?

As one commentator said of one of Brighton's favourite venues:

The exterior is a non-descript pastiche of visual elements in face brick and cement render garnished with two signs, one of moulded cement render in the most debased form of moderne lettering, the other a flimsy little vertical sign using a conventional letter face but with each letter separately supported on a square box, the whole topped by a small beacon.

The interior walls had, for the time, rather conventional horizontal bands similar to those in the Regal at Hartwell. Above these bands and across the ceiling were spattered semi-randomly-placed plaster flowers. These stylised incongruities floated in saucers from about two to four feet in diameter. The centre of each was an electric lamp, the petals of plaster picked out in colour.

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Celebrating Women in Australian Rules Football - Charity Breakfast
September 2, 2016, 7:00 am to September 2, 2016, 9:00 am

Run in conjunction with Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation, this event is set to become a significant annual charity breakfast.

SAMRF holds Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office.  By supporting the Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation you are helping to deliver tomorrow’s medical discoveries today.

See the latest celebrities participating on our website at


Bayside Art Show 2016

Funds raised by The Bayside Art Show, a Rotary Club of Brighton initiative, are used for a variety of Community Projects. The art show is also the major fundraiser for the Brighton Recreational Centre, a not-for-profit community organisation that provides a diversity of recreational, sporting and cultural activities for all age groups in the local community.

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