Meeting 26 July - Tales of an Airforce & 'Roulettes' Pilot

Steve Baker:
Flying has been in Steve’s blood since early childhood, and he has been lucky enough to live his dream ever since. Having joined the Royal Australian Air Force and learning to fly before obtaining his driving license at 17, Steve is now one of Australia’s most experienced display pilots. Steve was fortunate enough to fly and display multiple aircraft from the Caribou to solo displays on the Hawk 127 as well as being a formation display member with the RNZAF aerobatic team The Black Falcons, flying the Macchi 339. After 24 years of military service, Steve has over 5700 military and civilian flying hours, culminating his Air Force career as the lead pilot of the RAAF formation aerobatic display team, The Roulettes.

As leader of the team, Steve was in charge of all PR, brand management and social media sites, driving followers from 400 to over 10,000, as well as writing all the risk management strategies associated with display flying.
Steve is currently an expert aviation consultant and jet display pilot with Stephen Gale, and has spent time as a freelance iOS developer, professional photographer and business owner. Steve loves being active and is driven by travel to experience the world. His life goal is to visit more countries than his age!

Steve Gale (interviewer):
Stephen Gale originally thought the F-111 fighter jet was more interesting because of the electronics on board, rather than the flight regime of 1100 km/h at extremely low level. After a career as a RAAF electronic engineer, musician, fashion photographer, a multi patent holding inventor and entrepreneur, Stephen eventually worked out that flying at even 2/3 of those speeds, is in fact quite amazing.

Stephen earned his pilot’s license in December 2000, however his passion for flight truly ignited when he first flew a Marchetti S211. With the help of several very talented friends he gradually progressed from a private pilot crossing the country, to a jet display pilot with a
low level aerobatic rating.

Stephen has performed over 20 aerobatic displays, and recently crossed the significant milestone of performing a CASA approved public jet formation display. Not content to merely fly his aircraft, Stephen is striving towards piloting mastery. His aim is to earn the coveted title of formation aerobatic pilot and to do that with a high level of perfection.

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