A Beautiful Achievement – Cambodia

Bossala, Cambodia: 176 villagers. No safe water, no food, no sanitation and no medical care. Of all the achievements of Rotary, the transformation of the village of Bossala is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring.

In 2009, Rotary’s attention was drawn to the small village of Bossala, Cambodia. They were confronted with a community suffering from sickness and starvation. People were unable to feed their families, surviving off the frogs they could catch in the rice paddies. The only water source for three whole towns was a river contaminated by arsenic. Cholera, typhoid and malaria were rife.

In 2011, five members of Brighton Rotary and a local plumber spent a fortnight in Bossala. Through the fundraising of Rotary clubs, district grants and individual benevolence, the Rotarians observed that the living conditions had improved markedly. 

With the installation of six 5000L water tanks and 25 water urns, safe drinking water is now available to sustain the village throughout the dry season. Sanitation facilities have been built and 20 solar moonlights installed. 20 mango trees were planted, and farmers were provided with seeds and 3000 live fish.

The people of Bossala finally have enough food to eat, with surplus that is traded with neighbouring villages. Remarkably, cholera, typhoid and malaria have all been eradicated.

Furthermore, Brighton Rotary is currently fundraising to install 30 wells in a neighbouring village of 600 people, to be completed in 2015.

Daryl Forge, a Rotarian fortunate enough to experience the transformation, describes the project as a ‘beautiful achievement’. Indeed, the village of Bossala can now look forward to a prosperous future.

By Tessa Campisi

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