Mission Accomplished

The lives of 800 people in 3 remote Cambodian villages have undergone extraordinary change in the last 5 years.

What began as a project in the small town of Bossala in 2009 has grown to encompass 2 surrounding towns and seen the eradication of deadly diseases, implementation of clean water facilities, and new opportunities for education and employment.

Through the fundraising effort of Australian Rotary clubs and grants from the Rotary Foundation, $120,000 has been raised to support these three villages.

Over a fortnight, a team or Rotarians and locals worked together to build many new facilities.

In terms of water security, five damaged wells have been repaired with 25 new ones on the way. Three x 6000L water tanks have been installed and 75 x 300L urns supplied to the town. Three water pumps have been built and pipes installed that help farmers irrigate their farms.

Two solar systems have been established, with 56 solar lights supplied to the village. This ensures that minimal waste is produced and the village can be self-sufficient through renewable energy sources.

Twenty-two houses have been fitted with tin rooves, and the local school has seen bird screens erected to discourage bird nesting. Furthermore, drainpipes have been constructed leading from the schoolhouse roof to the nearby fish farm.

After two exhausting weeks of building and constructing and erecting, the project was celebrated by a dinner between the Rotarians and local Chief Pow’s family, including the cherished new experience of staying in a hotel.

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