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P.A.W.S. (Picking and Warehousing Solutions) Fulfilment is a social enterprise (a business that exists for social good) that works with disadvantaged youth and long term unemployed adults to provide skills necessary to successfully enter the workforce.

Bei Nienkel (pictured above) is 21 years old, the fifth child of Sudanese immigrant parents, he lives in a household of 15 people with only his older brother employed.

When Bei was 16 he struggled at high school, and with an interest in carpentry he was guided toward the VCAL program through which he completed a pre-qualification for a carpentry apprenticeship.

But no-one in his household has a drivers licence let alone a car, so completing the 120 hours of logged driving as a Learner driver that would allow him to take his Probationary drivers test just was not possible.  This made things very difficult when applying for apprenticeships; all the jobs required travel to work sites and that meant having a licence and a car.

Through the P.A.W.S. program, Bei was able to learn the basics of warehousing but more importantly, with his diligent and reliable manner, was given the opportunity to take on broader responsibilities within the team - he began training other participants in the warehousing processes and his confidence grew, he looked people in the eye, smiled more readily and enjoyed joking around with the guys.

After 4 months with P.A.W.S. employment worker Jake Ward, Bei had established a plan – to work part time with P.A.W.S., take a trainee role in the cabinetry/timber department of sister company Active Display and save money to get his licence and a car.  He is now looking forward and standing tall.

P.A.W.S welcomes the opportunity to provide businesses with job-ready candidates for vacancies.

PAWS is an initiative of Colin Stimpson, a resident of Bayside and a member of the Rotary Club of Brighton

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