New Cambodia Project

Having been in Cambodia previously the Rotary Club of Brighton was advised that Prey-Nhor Villages, Anlong Veng district, Siem-Reap Province, Cambodia suffered from no access to safe drinking water and Insufficient quantity and quality food sources

The Rotary Club of Brighton commenced to work with the people of Prey Nhor villages to implement sustainable solutions to the current problems which they face.                                                        

The most pressing issue here is the fact that during the dry season when streams revert to muddy stagnant and contaminated water, people are consistently getting sick with serious gastrointestinal illnesses, as a result some even dying.

The problems of both water and food are inextricably linked, therefore the club has implemented one of the most effective and sustainable solutions is a combination of Biosand Filters and Concrete Tanks for harvesting rainwater in the wet season, for use in the dry season.  Research is being conducted to determine the right balance of these solutions and to explore other means of supplying both clean water and irrigation.




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