Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

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RYPEN is a 2.5 day residential experience, where participants are involved in a variety of sessions, workshops and activities, which provide an opportunity for them to develop personally, challenge themselves, build friendships with like-minded people, and build life skills.

Pictured below are John and Carole with 5 of the BSC students at Malmsbury:

John and Carole with 5 of the BSC students at Malmsbury

After the event, RYPEN participant and BSC student Jess Harmer was published in the College news “Highlights”:

"Due to the continued support from Brighton Rotary, we were able to send 6 students on the Rotary Youth Enrichment Program (RYPEN) run over the last weekend in October.  Students in the senior school are nominated by coordinators to attend this camp which focuses on self-development and leadership skills. Jess Harmer was one of these fortunate students and I invite you to read about her experience:  

I gained a lot of very important information from attending RYPEN. I learnt a lot about the importance of the five leadership behaviours such as being open to ideas, listening, support, action and organisational behaviour. Throughout the activities, I was able to see how a balance of roles in a team led to success, increased the teamwork and the solidarity of the group as a whole.  I also gained a lot in terms of learning about myself. We had a speaker named Tom he discussed about the layers that build up over time, due to our experiences, that limit the actions we take and the things we do. In one activity, he asked us to sing in front of everyone at which I felt utter fear. However, this session  taught me how despite how we may feel, there are many people who believe in us, find the good in us and feel the same thoughts and fears.

RYPEN also helped in making me come out of my shell a little more as some core group responsibilities and requirements fell on my shoulders. I was a part of a particularly quiet group and this meant someone had to step up to help run discussions and that person ended up being me. It really helped me understand that I can actually take on roles like that and I would think I ended up doing a pretty good job at it. Those were the main points that I gained, although there were plenty more I could discuss.

One skill I learnt from RYPEN  is being aware of the layers and barriers we build up over time, stopping us from doing everything we may want to. In being aware of these layers, I can try to take little steps to overcome them since I know what has been stopping me previously. This may include just putting my hand up in class in an attempt to break down my fear of being wrong or judged for giving a wrong answer, even if the answer I give ends up being right. It may also be participating more in group activities with fellow classmates as, even though I may have ideas, I may have previously been having something stopping me from participating."

Well done to John, Carole and Tony for making a difference! This is a great example of Rotary in Action, and helping to develop future leaders.

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