Our future is in their hands

The future of a community is forever evolving, passed carefully through the hands of one generation to the next. It is said that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, suggesting it is the duty of a community to ensure children and adolescents live secure and fulfilling lives. Brighton Rotary acknowledges its role in aiding young people reach their potential, no matter what their situation.

Over the past 40 years, Brighton Rotary has funded many organisations dedicated to supporting at-risk youth, in particular BayCISS, Western Chances and ‘20th Man’.

Almost as old as Brighton Rotary itself, Bayside Community Information and Support Service, (‘BayCISS’) has been operating since 1973.

Originally with only 24 volunteers, BayCISS now has in excess of 100, and operates at locations in Hampton East, Brighton, and Sandringham.

Offering a range of services including self-help groups, budgeting advice, child-care and counselling, BayCISS is relied upon by over 5000 people annually. Monetary assistance is available to families in financial and social strife, aiding them to purchase basic amenities. This could be as simple as paying for a school excursion, telephone bills, public transport or groceries.

In addition to providing office bearers for BayCISS, Brighton Rotary offers regular financial support, contributing a total of $100,000 over the past 5 years alone.

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