A Chance to Achieve

It is truly inspiring when one sees a young person working hard to pursue their dreams. The potential of so many young people, however, is often unfairly hindered due to lack of opportunity and financial barriers.

Since establishment in 2004, ‘Western Chances’ has invested over $2.8 million in funding 3,400 tailor-made scholarships for students living in the western suburbs.

Founder Terry Brack, whilst teaching in a public school, noticed that many promising pupils were unable to develop their talents due to financial difficulties. She thus established Western Chances with the intention of celebrating and nurturing the talent and potential talent of young people.

A key belief of Western Chances is that a scholarship is ‘more than simply disbursing money’. Support could manifest in the form of textbooks, tutoring, dance lessons, a laptop, or simply fares for public transport. For those who struggle to purchase even a calculator, the financial support from Western Chances is invaluable in aiding them in pursuit of their dreams.

Brighton Rotary director Daryl Forge chose the charity as the recipient of a $5,000 donation in 2013. “Western Chances can prove that its program works”, he said, with 100% of recipients finishing VCE, as compared to the state average of 78%.

For more information, go to: http://www.westernchances.org.au/

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