The Jack Joel Award

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Jack Joel OAM was an active member of the Rotary Club of Brighton - for 44 years from the time of the Rotary Club of Brighton's charter in 1973, until his death at age 84 on 15 March, 2017. A larger than life character who led an amazing life, Jack was awarded an OAM for his contribution to community causes. Jack was our club's first full year president and we gratefully acknowledge the enormous contribution made by Jack in enabling the formation and growth of our club.

Jack Joel                                                                                                             

In Jack's honour, the ‘Jack Joel  Award’ was established in June 2017 as an annual award presented to the Brighton Rotary Club member who is deemed by our awards committee to have upheld the core values of Rotary International in providing the most outstanding contribution to our club in that year.

In 2017, President Dale Hoy proudly awarded the inaugural 2016-2017 Jack Joel Award to Stuart McIntyre.

In 2018, at the Club Changeover President Damien Hellard presented the 2017-2018 Jack Joel Award to Jo Kwok.

2017-18 Rotarian Of The Year - Jo Kwok

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