More Brighton Rotarians become RMIT Mentors...

Melbourne based RMIT students are getting support from Brighton Rotarians and industry professionals to explore their career options.

On Tuesday 31st October, we saw a big jump in Rotary Club of Brighton Mentors signing-up to put back into the workforce, by Mentoring students at RMIT.  We were pleased to see that it wasn’t just Rotarians, but partners as well who were keen to get involved with this Brighton Rotary initiative to share knowledge and expertise.


Currently we have the following Mentors at work:

Colleen d'Offay

Roger Fairlam

David Finney

Daryl Forge

PP Dale Hoy

Alan Jarrott

Jo Kwok

Theresa McGarry

Stuart McMillan

Tony Naughton

PP Alan Pinkus

Jenny Rundle

Wayne Styles

PP Barry Hickman *

Cameron Ward *

At the informal gathering held in October, new Mentors went to work learning from Rob Carter at a sign-on and general information session.  Many thanks to Rob Carter for providing a great venue, and Alan Pinkus for making this happen.


As a mentor, you will be fully supported to enable you to get the most out of the program as you share your expertise and experiences with RMIT students. Jo Kwok has already had some great success with her RMIT Mentee, Tori Scholten, a Bachelor of Marketing student. Tori has been successful in landing an internship at Australia Post after her second session of mentoring, and some timely interview coaching.

Benefits for mentors

As a mentor you can expect to:

  • share your passion for your profession with a highly-motivated student
  • get exposure to students as potential employees 
  • improve your skills in coaching and mentoring
  • access professional development opportunities
  • give back to your community 
  • reconnect with or develop closer links to RMIT University
  • reflect on your own knowledge and work practices
  • learn fresh perspectives from the younger generation.

Mentors and mentees meet for a minimum of one hour every four weeks during the 12 week program. Registrations are welcome throughout the year. 

If you're keen to impart your knowledge, provide students with the benefit of your career experience and want to be part of a great opportunity, contact Alan Pinkus. (Mob 0428 184 094 or email

Mentoring is happening, it’s easy and builds a better future for so many

Be part of it and share your experience

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