A man on a mission

Les Twentyman is a highly respected youth worker and long-time friend of Brighton Rotary, in particular through his support for Brighton Rotary’s annual ‘Sportsman Night’ fundraiser. He has many awards to his name including the ‘Order of Australia’ medal and Victorian of the Year. Raised in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Les learned the hard way the fear and insecurity one lives in when trying to survive on the street.

In 1984, Les founded the charity ‘20th Man’, making it his mission to support disadvantaged youth. 20th Man operates with the vision that all children should have the right to a safe environment, social justice and equal access to services.

Over 14,000 students have benefited from donated school supplies, free supplementary tuition for children from linguistically diverse backgrounds, crisis accommodation, and teen support services.

Brighton Rotary continues to fundraise for 20th Man, and is proud to have donated a Toyota van for use by 20th Man, as well as running second-hand book drives since 2011. In the past 5 years, Brighton Rotary has donated $58,000 to 20th Man in recognition of the incomparable care Les Twentyman gives to disadvantaged children of the Western Suburbs.

For more information, visit Les' website.

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