Life on the Streets

TJ Patterson was homeless. He had been walking on thin ice, both with the law and with his family, when he suddenly found himself trying to find sleep on the steps of an old church. He was lost and uninspired, struggling along from minute to minute, month after month.

TJ was at the lowest point of his life. This was when he discovered ‘WhiteLion’, and turned his fate around.

WhiteLion is an organisation dedicated to helping young people who have fallen out of favour with the law. Through advice, support and mentoring, they aid at-risk youth to get back on their feet. TJ found a mentor at WhiteLion who helped him confront his future again. They also played a pivotal role in finding TJ casual work at KFC.

The Rotary Club of Brighton has long supported WhiteLion, participating in its ‘Bail Out’ Fundraiser. Members volunteer to be locked up in jail cells at the Old Melbourne Gaol, and are not released until they have extracted sufficient ‘bail’ from obliging family and friends.


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