Meeting July 12 - Speaker Sgt Arran Ferguson - Bayside Citizen of the Year 2018

Sergeant Arran has been serving in the Victorian Police Force for over 23 years. He spent time learning his trade in the CBD during the Heroin Epidemic in plain clothes and uniform, at all times and rain, hail and shine dealing with overdoses on a regular basis. During his career, Arran’s time has included learning the fine art of crowd control at demonstrations,
riots and sporting events and his duty has seen him work in areas such as Melbourne CBD, Moorabbin, St Kilda and South Melbourne. Arran has spent time travelling the state and country chasing murderers, protecting the Queen, undertaking further crowd control activities, helping flood isolated communities and generally having a ripper time. On one shift
he drove in to work for an afternoon shift and didn’t get home for 3 days. The proudest time in Arran’s career was when he was deployed to Christchurch within 48 hours of the devastating earthquake in 2011 that claimed 184 lives. He spent 2 weeks there assisting in the disaster response and reassurance patrols.

When Arran earned a promotion to Sergeant, he was lucky enough to land in Bayside. During his time there he has spent time as Officer In Charge of St Kilda PACER, Family Violence Unit, Highway Patrol, Caulfield, Moorabbin and the Proactive Policing Unit. It was at the Proactive Policing Unit that he learnt the value of increased police involvement in the community and the disproportionate difference a handful of committed and motivated people can make in improving the community as a whole.

A passionate volunteer who models community spirit, and one of Bayside’s finest, Arran was awarded the Bayside Citizen of the Year 2018 and will be sharing some of his stories from his career with us this Thursday.

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