Help Stop Little Maly From Getting Sick

Help Stop Little Maly Getting Sick

Little Maly has just turned 4 and she struggles with chronic diarrhoea and dehydration.

Her village water supply is compromised; it’s dirty and full of bacteria which causes life threatening diseases like cholera and typhoid.
Sadly, 1 in 6 children don’t survive to see their 5th birthday.

Maly is more likely to see this fate due to her poor village sanitation.

There is no work in the village for her dad, so he works illegally in Thailand, often spending all his wages on medicine to save his sick family.

Australian children are fortunate they don’t face these challenges, but imagine if they did! You would want others to help too.

The Rotary Club of Brighton’s - Sustainable Communities Cambodia pilot program in a similar village in another part of Rural Cambodia changed the lives of 800 people forever by providing access to clean water.

By teaching the villagers better farming practices, we’ve enabled the men there to stay home with their families, to grow crops to help feed them, also to make an income by selling part of their produce at the local market.

This increase in well being has enabled them to get their children to school where they previously weren’t able.

You can help us to make a difference to Maly and the children of her village.

$60 - buys a new bio-sand filter that purifies the dirtiest of water
$600 - buys a water tank that collects 6,000 litres of rain water.
$1,000 - will help us to extend a water channel for farming

Our target is $100,000 which we plan to double with a matching grant.

So please support us by passing this message onto colleagues, family and friends and by making a donation and help us to save lives.

To learn more about our project please go to our website:

Tax-deductible donations can be made by clicking this link:

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