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Bayside Happenings - Rotary Club of Brighton
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Dinner dilemmas done

Save on your food bill and prevent food waste by planning wisely, shopping once and using your leftovers. Presenters Jen and Gaby from PlanBuyCook meal planning app will show you how.

Artists in Residence live cello performance

This event will celebrating the artistic yield of the artists and writers who have completed a yearlong Bayside Artist in Residence at the Billilla historic mansion since 2013. The opening will feature a musical performance from Forest Collective, featuring Stephanie Arnold

Festival of Wheels - Rotary Car Show

A magnificent display of classic cars and collectible motor cars and motor cycles, organised by Rotary Clubs of Hampton and Mordialloc at Moorabbin Airport on Sunday 20 November. Proceeds go to Sandringham Hospital and Rotary Health.

Looking for something to do?

If you are looking for something to do whether it involves languages, sport, bridge or many more interesting activities, the place to go to is the Brighton Recreational Centre. More than 2,000 people each week enjoy safe, friendly and stimulating environment in which each individual is able to achieve their goals through participation in their chosen activity - regardless of their skill level.


Dates to add to your diary

Great Australia Day Swim [GADS]

On Australia Day, 26 January 2017, the Great Australia Day Swim [GADS] will be held at Middle Brighton Beach in Melbourne, Australia. Last year it was a spectacular day for the Great Australia Day Swim where more than 900 swimmers took part in the event.  Facebook tells the story.

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