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LIFT the LID - Hat Day Dinner Dance

Call it preparation for the Spring Carnival, call it a night out with your partner and friends, call it an excuse to hit the dance floor, but make certain you’re booked and there! (We only have 100 seats left). Cost: $35 per person.

Starting at 6.30pm and finishing at 9.30pm it’s a Big Night of Big Hats.

Includes St Leonards Big Band who were 3rd in the James Morrison Big Band Competition with Food and Fun, all to help support Australian Rotary Health.

So make your booking @ Milanos Brighton. Book online here.

Pick the hat, polish the dance shoes and loosen up for a great night at Milano’s Brighton.


Brighton Residents Boost Frankston Students

When Brighton residents Ren Barlow and Alex Fryer entered the Prep classroom of Kananook Primary School wheeling a book shelf packed full of beautiful Australian picture books on March 23, 2017, the eyes of the five-year-olds grew big with amazement.

“Is that for us?” asked one curious boy shyly. The Acting School Principal Michael Block, who had accompanied the two women to the classroom, replied: “Yes they are. Can we all thank the two nice ladies for them?” An excited chorus of “Thank you” filled the bright, sunlit classroom.


Turning Kids into Kids

In September 1989 I landed in Australia. I didn’t know anyone other than my partner and his family. I spent the first 6 to 12 months very miserable.

I felt like I’d done a huge amount of stuff in the UK in terms of my work and none of it was really recognised. The dental industry was very different here and Safeway in Acland Street didn’t sell the baked beans or the tea bags that I was used to!

Then one day ...


Hands on PAWS delivers

Couldn't get a job without a licence, couldn't get a licence without a car, couldn't get a car without a job.

How a Bayside resident's initiative helped a young Sudanese immigrant break a vicious cycle that threatened to trap him.


Latest News

Great Australia Day Swim 2017

Congratulations to all who participated! A great day was had, check out the video...

Crowd Funding Campaign Cambodia

Clean Water For Cambodia

Following the successful completion of our pilot Sustainable Community Project in Cambodia, Brighton Rotary have launched their first crowd funding campaign to raise vitally needed funds so that we may roll this project out in a second group of villages in an impoverished rural area in the north of Cambodia - home to over 4,000 people.

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Rotary (Regional Youth in Sailing

The Rotary Club of Brighton has set the date for the Rotary Youth Sailing Program to be run from the 17th to19th March 2016, once again providing those youths from Regional Victoria an opportunity to sail on Port Phillip Bay on big yachts with experienced crews from Sandringham Yacht Club.


A Beautiful Achievement – Cambodia

Bossala, Cambodia: 176 villagers. No safe water, no food, no sanitation and no medical care. Of all the achievements of Rotary, the transformation of the village of Bossala is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring.

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A man on a mission

Over 14,000 students have benefited from donated school supplies, free supplementary tuition for children from linguistically diverse backgrounds, crisis accommodation, and teen support services.

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